Technical Description

Wide input range PSU (6 to 40 volts)
Power source selection: Automatic from highest voltage of first three batteries
Typical supply current: 15mA at 12 volts
Maximum supply current: 100mA at 12 volts (all programmable relays driven)
Triple microprocessor design
LED driver design current: 3mA programmable, 10mA dedicated
Multiplex interface: Dual channel, full duplex, balanced RS422, 250kb/s, 8-N-1, RJ45 (8P8C)
Programming/diagnostics interface: Single ended RS232, 57.6kb/s, 8-N-1, RJ11 (6P4C)
SmartBank relay drivers: Active low, PWM, user adjustable frequency, mark:space ratio and connection pulse
Maximum permissible SmartBank relay coil current: 3A per channel
Battery isolation relay drivers: Fixed pulse length
Maximum permissible PowerGuard relay coil current: 2A per channel
Switch input threshold: V<4 volts = low, V>7 volts = high, 7>V>4 = undefined
Switch input maximum voltage: 50 volts
Switch input current: 150uA at 12 volt input
Dimensions: 172mm X 112mm X 33mm (non internally expandable unit)
Dimensions: 172mm X 112mm X 48mm (internally expandable unit)