MasterPlex Primary Electrical Control System

The complete solution to battery control systems

MasterPlex Hub

MasterPlex is the culmination of many years experience in the primary battery control industry and a total solution to battery control systems incorporating battery isolation, flat battery protection, four bank split charging system and our highly advanced multiplex distributed power and control system.

MasterPlex effectively combines three SmartBank split charge systems, four SmartGuard/PowerGuard flat battery protection systems, remote battery isolation, diagnostics and data logging along with a distributed power multiplex system into one, simple to install, compact system.

This basic description simply does not do MasterPlex justice in that the possibilities for manual and automatic control are almost endless and with a host of expansion options MasterPlex is the ultimate solution that is totally futureproof.

The MasterPlex system comprises a "Hub" (pictured above right) which contains the following:-

Input buffer circuitry for 8 user programmable input switches.
8 user programmable LED drivers.
4 dedicated LED drivers (for SmartBank and SmartGuard/PowerGuard indication).
4 battery isolation relay drivers.
3 SmartBank relay drivers.
4 programmable relay outputs (light duty relays integral to the hub).

The software running internally inside MasterPlex provides the following functions:-

4 remote battery isolators. Thus the batteries can be remotely isolated via light duty switches.
4 low battery disconnection systems (SmartGuards/PowerGuards) to prevent excessive discharge of batteries.
3 SmartBank split charge systems to allow split charging to 4 battery banks.
4 user programmable alarms each configurable as high or low voltage and assignable to any battery bank.

Each switch input can be programmed to operate just about every function available such as:-
     Reset one or more SmartGuards/PowerGuards.
     Manual paralleling of battery banks (emergency starting).
     Reset a triggered alarm.
     Any combination of the above.

Each LED output and the four programmable internal relays can be user programmed to activate on:-
     A SmartGuard/PowerGuard entering timer mode, or triggering, or both.
     A SmartBank connecting.
     An alarm triggering.
     Any combination of the above.

In addition to these there are many automatic functions (all user programmable) such as enabling a SmartBank to automatically reset a tripped SmartGuard/PowerGuard, a high voltage alarm resetting a SmartGuard/PowerGuard etc.

MasterPlex also contains the control centre for the associated MultipPlex system. This allows expansion modules such as remote switch panels, remote power output drivers, voltage and battery charge status displays to be easily incorporated by simply connecting them to the hub with a standard RJ45 communications cable.

We believe the MasterPlex MultiPlex system to be, quite simply, the most advanced available today. There are no fiddly switches to set on each expansion module. No manual setting up. Once configured the entire system is automatic and reports back to the user what modules are installed.


Fully user configurable from PC Windows software

Highly advanced software running under XP or Vista

MasterPlex Configuration Software Click image to expand

The highly advanced yet simple to use MasterPlex Configuration software is provided free of charge and is all that is needed (apart from a communications lead) to set up all the parameters required for a particular installation

Voltage set points, time delays, alarm set points etc are all set from drop down menus. There are no "scripts" to learn and no command line entries. Once the hub is configured the PC is no longer required. The hub is self contained.

Simple to understand built in Diagnostics......

Plug your laptop in to see what is happening internally

MasterPlex Diagnostics Display Click image to expand

Extensive diagnostics software is built in to the MasterPlex Hub and Configuration software running on your PC. The display shows the battery voltages as highly intuitive "heart beat monitor" style graphs over the previous 3 minutes.

All input and output states are displayed as simple LEDs on the display, the status of countdown timers can be seen in real time.

A "logic analyser" type display allows easy recognition of input/output relationships.

MultiPlex system

Remote control to and by expansion modules

MasterPlex Diagnostics Expanded MultiPlex Display Click image to expand

MultiPlex expansion modules that connect via a simple plug in RJ45 lead allow almost infinite expansion of the basic system.

Remote switch and display panels can be very simply installed. Each expansion module is automatically detected by the hub and displayed on the expanded diagnostics screen. There are no fiddly switches to set or get wrong. Simply plug the unit in and the hub will find it and allocate it an address on the network within 50mS.

Full Diagnostics indication for MultiPlex System

MultiPlex activity shown with simple LED type matrix

MasterPlex Diagnostics Alternate MultiPlex Display Click image to expand

A separate switchable display panel in the MultiPlex section allows all activity on the MultiPlex modules to be monitored.

The status of each channel input and output is shown for each multiplex group. Press a switch and see it light up, watch the outputs activate in real time.

All other functions of the diagnostics screen including the voltage graphs etc continue to function.